A lot of people already know this, but “they pay people to live in Alaska”. I use quotation marks, because that’s a really bad way to explain it. What actually happens is that the State invests a portion of its oil royalties in a sovereign wealth fund composed of stocks, real estate, etc. The annual earnings of the fund can be reinvested, appropriated to finance the State budget, and disbursed as a dividend. Anyone who has been a resident of Alaska for a year or more with the intention of staying indefinitely can apply in the spring to get the year’s dividend, which is paid out in October.

Anyway, what that means for you is that I have slightly more disposable income than usual this month, and the first wave of my writing-supply spurge is flowing in!

I haven’t reviewed a pencil from India in a minute, so I’m glad that my box of Doms X1 pencils came in. Actually, another one arrived a few days ago…not sure why I ordered two. Oh well! Also I snagged the Maped Black Peps, as you can see, which is a pencil that’s just been kind of hanging around in my Amazon wishlist for a while. The price dropped like ridiculously low, so I bit. And, that Tops composition book…let’s just say I have a little composition book post in the works. Maybe even a series of posts.

I’ve got a lot more stuff coming, so stay tuned for more reviews and general pencilly goodness.

Praise for the humble composition notebook.

We all love our good paper, right? You know I’m a sucker for a nice creamy tint. Tight, subtle ruling. A little tooth. Substantial weight. Resistance to bleed-through and feathering of ink on the rare occasion I want to use a pen. I feel you, paper snobs.

But sometimes — and lately, it seems, more often than not — I just need something that works. I don’t need to shop around for “the one”. I don’t need something special. I certainly don’t need to drop $20. I just need some paper that I can write on, bound up securely in a manageable shape and size, with a cover that can take some abuse (and won’t make me feel bad about destroying).

In other words, sometimes I need a good ol’ Composition Notebook.

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