Hunkered down and out (in the yard)

It’s springtime in Alaska. It’s no longer 45 below. It’s actually, like, 55 above. And there’s not much to do outside of the house given the whole global pandemic thing and all. So, me and this ol’ General’s Layout no. 555 are out doing some projects! They make great carpenter pencils, by the way (except that they are circular and tend to roll away). I am even working on my hand sharpening skills. Hope you’re all staying healthy and same out there…and check back soon, because I actually have a new pencil review almost all written up.

Eraser Review: General’s All Art

General Pencil Co. is best-known as one of the oldest pencil companies in the United States, and one of the few that are still making pencils right here in the US of A — Jersey City, to be precise, where they’ve been making pencils for 127 years. They’re not a one-trick pony though, because pencils aren’t all they make. One of the most important features of the graphite pencil is that it is erasable; naturally, then, General’s has several eraser products, including this cute little guy: the All Art eraser.

I originally picked the All Art up because, why not? They’re cheap. They’re cute. You can never have too many erasers. Sadly it has been overlooked as it languished in my to-review drawer, overshadowed by its relatively gargantuan neighbors. Until now! It’s time for the General’s All Art to shine on the big stage. Let’s see if it can hang with the big boys, shall we?

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Pencil Review: General’s Kimberly (HB and 2B)

This is a pencil I’ve been wanting to review for a long time, but it just hasn’t ever seemed like the right “fit” in my blog post flow. Whatever that means. But as I finished publishing my review of the Lyra Groove Slim, I decided it was time to give Miss Kimberly a long-awaited test run.

The Kimberly is a high-end offering from General Pencil Co. As such, it’s marketed toward artists, but we all know that there’s no reason a person can’t write with a drawing pencil. And even for a high-end, made-in-USA product, the Kimberly comes in at budget-friendly price, at least compared to the competitors in the drawing pencil world. So, I handled several of them in the store, and took home a couple each of the HB and 2B to test out.

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Pencil Review: General’s Cedar Pointe 333-2HB

I’m one of those people who like to shed all of their clothing and walk around the house bare-ass naked as soon as the kids go to bed. TMI? Whatever. This is my blog, I can say what I want. Anyway, I have an appreciation for minimal dress. Living in Alaska, and in America’s worst-dressed city, that’s a rare state of affairs since the layer system is key to comfort in our climate (and, apparently, the local fashion).

The same can be said for pencils. We’ve got schoolhouse yellow ones, red and black striped ones, even ones with weird bamboo leaf printing all over them. Layers of lacquer seems to be the norm. The inner nudist in me feels the urge to rebel against this stifling multi-layered construct! That’s why I bought the first pack of “nude” pencils I’ve ever owned — the General Pencil Co. Cedar Pointe #2HB — and decided to review them. So, without further ado…let’s get naked!

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