Chicken scratches about pencil blogging

I’m about a month into my contribution to the pencilblogosphere and my interest hasn’t waned. In my personal experience, that’s been kind of the threshold for whether or not a blogging project will sustain itself long-term, or just be a passing thing that falls to the wayside as I move on to rambling about a new topic.

I also received a mention on Bleistift, a pencil blog that is on my personal routine reading list, as well as a kind note from its author. That was followed by a bit of actual traffic and comments to the Polar Pencil Pusher blog. So, I take those as two signs that this blog might actually become “a thing”, as the kids say. Lately, due to these milestones, I have been thinking about where things may go with this blog, and decided to note some of those thoughts here.

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I joined the Twitters

Because of course I did. So follow me as I write about writing about writing. @PolarPencilPush is the handle. If you need more analog stuff on your feed, you know what to do.

I’m a little miffed that I can’t fit the entire “PolarPencilPusher” name as my twitter handle. I mean, they can expand the character count from 140 to 280 but they can’t let a person have more than 15 for their username? Oh well.

I’m also considering starting an Insta. I think it would be a great format (if I can get some decent lighting for my photos, anyway). But ya’know, one step at a time.