Blogrollin’ with the homies

I noticed that some people are actually reading this blog now. This is mostly thanks to some rad bloggers who have been sending some traffic my way. So I just wanted to give a friendly head-nod to The Pen Addict, The Well-Appointed Desk, Pencil Revolution, Lexikaliker, and Bleistift. Y’all are the bomb dot com.

I don’t do this often, but I figure since those stalwarts of the writing blogosphere have helped a little guy out, the least I can do is pay it back/forward. So here’s a few links that I’ve enjoyed reading lately (“lately” defined very loosely):

From Comfortable Shoes Studio: Baron Fig Gather
From Fueled by Clouds and Coffee: Graphite Pencil Review: Kitaboshi Art Set
From The Looped Square: How Do You Use Your: Nock Sinclair?
From Pencil Revolution: Write Notepads The Deep
From Pencilism: The Point of a Pencil – 5 Reasons I Sharpen with a Knife (almost has me convinced…)
From The Weekly Pencil: Ticonderoga Neon