A (Mus)grave Situation

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been trying to review some pretty hard pencils, which means I can’t grind through them as quickly. Really, though, the big problem — er, “problem” — is that it’s been nothing but sunshine and 70+ degrees Fahrenheit lately (it’s supposed to top 80F by the end of this week, which is kind of a big deal in Anchorage) and I’ve had some extra time with all of my joint-custody kiddos. So I’ve been spending a substantial amount of time off the computer, and out in the sunshine playing or doing projects!

But the I didn’t choose the pencil life, the pencil life chose me. On that note, I got a little delivery yesterday, all the way from Tennessee! I placed an order with the Musgrave Pencil Company and was pleased to receive a dozen each of the Ceres and News pencils (plus a little sampler pack they threw in). Check it out:

I haven’t sharpened any up for a review yet, so I know nothing about the innards of their products, but I have to say that the service from Musgrave is impressive. If I may, please allow me to rant about that for a moment…

First, these got here FAST. They pushed the order out the door ASAP and it was here like two or three days later. I guess I should also be raving about the US Postal Service and their rapid delivery. Nevertheless, it was great receiving something so quickly.

More importantly, I like the little quality touches that the company added. I think the pencil boxes that each dozen came packed in are pretty nifty; a zipper back would have sufficed, but the fact that they packaged them in a high-quality box seems like a nice attention to detail. The picture of the boxes that have been kicking around in my sling don’t do them justice, because they’re pretty nice.

The fact that they threw in a sampler of other pencil products is great! Of course, I’ll have to order more Bugle, Test Scoring and Harvest pencils in order to do a thorough review, but hey, free pencils are great…and if I feel really ambitious, I can get a head start. If their plan was to bait me into ordering three more boxes, I think it worked.

One cool thing I noticed while admiring the five different models of pencil they sent, all laid out side-by-side, is that they aren’t simply variations of the same theme; Musgrave actually makes numerous models of pencils for a reason, it would seem. Some are round, some are hex-shaped. Some have erasers, some don’t. Some have “tin can” ferrules, and some have stripes. It makes me curious to see if there are any differences on the inside.

Finally, I’m digging the old-school, made-in-America vibe. I’m certainly not a pencil chauvinist, and readers to this blog can attest that I love sampling all of the pencils that the world has to offer. But I definitely like to make sure that pencils from my homeland are represented on this blog, and Musgrave are one of the few companies here in the States that are still doing what they’ve been doing since 1916. I’ve also got a “thing” for vintage stylings, in case you couldn’t tell by this blog about writing with wooden pencils.

Check out the company’s website to order some pencils for yourself. And if someone wants to send me a gift, I’ll take one of these bomb-ass tee shirts.

One thought on “A (Mus)grave Situation

  1. Tim November 21, 2020 / 9:55 pm

    Did you ever try the Bugle one? I just ordered a whole bunch I’m hoping to use like a stenographer pencil and sharpen at both ends for Zoom teaching on a document camera


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