More stuff comin’ atcha

I continue to amass to-review items faster than I can review them (which is exactly how I intend it). Check out the latest additions to the inbox:

You’re looking at several products from Asia, and one from Europe. The Yoobi pencils are an American brand, found in Target, made in Vietnam. Marco and Aishangbi are Chinese brands — Marco relatively well-known, Aishangbi not so much. The Toyo pencil sharpener is made in Japan, and the Bruynzeel pencils are from the Netherlands.

I’m not even sure what to call the Aishangbi pencils. “Model 105” is my name at the moment. Google is no help, there is no model number on the imprint, I can’t read the Chinese writing, and I can’t even find any designation on the web other than a barcode with an item number (I think) “ASB-105”. So I’m going with 105 until someone has a better idea.

I’m stoked about the Bruynzeel pencils, because I’ve never reviewed anything from Holland before. Ideally I want to review the pencils of every pencil-producing country in the world, although my work thus far (and probably for the foreseeable future) has been heavily weighted toward Asia if only because a huge proportion of the pencils of the world are made there. Any chance I get to review something from somewhere besides Asia, then, is welcome.

Speaking of Asia, I’ve got more stuff coming. I’m working on a deal with a bud in Japan who has offered to hook me up with a little care package. Plus all the other crap I always have coming in the mail!

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