Sharpener Review: the Ooly Mighty Sharpener

I first came across this little bugger in a book shop in the Anchorage airport. They wanted $7 for it. I almost bought it. Then I found the same model in Seattle for $3.50. Moral of the story: don’t buy things at the airport.

Nonetheless, the Ooly Mighty Sharpener stood out to me for some reason. Maybe because it’s cute. Maybe because it has a long-point sharpener. Maybe because it gives you options. Whatever the reason, when I came across it the second time (and the price was reasonable), I snagged it and brought it home for a review.

The main selling point of the Mighty Sharpener from Ooly seems to be that it packs three sharpeners into one container-type package. For standard size pencils, it has both a “traditional” point sharpener and a long-point sharpener. Plus, it has the ability to sharpen jumbo pencils.

The Mighty Sharpener is shaped kind of like a mailbox. Simply flip open the right-hand door to use any of the three sharpeners. Then, when the compartment gets full, flip open the left-hand door to dump out the shavings. This sharpener comes in a variety of colors, and every component of it (except the actual blades) is made of plastic.

Sharpening with the Ooly Mighty Sharpener was a little rough. The blades don’t cut as smoothly as the good-quality sharpeners I tend to use on a daily basis. Also, the finished tips weren’t that great. I noticed a lot of shredding of the collar around the throat of the core, as well as a bit of leftover uncut “seam”. I tried it with a variety of pencils and wasn’t super impressed with the ease of sharpening or the tidiness of the finished product, but it was adequate for getting a pencil sharp enough to write.

Left: Mighty Sharpener (long-point); Center: Kum Automatic Long-Point; Right: Mighty Sharpener (standard)

I do like the point length the long-point sharpener produces. As you can see in the image above, the Mighty Sharpener provides a point about as long as (or a little longer than) the Kum Automatic Long-Point sharpener.

I also like the capacity of the shavings container. I imagine that this big mailbox-shaped cuttings box can hold a large amount of shavings before needing to be emptied!

So, conclusions: the Ooly Mighty Sharpener has a few things going for it. Obviously, having three different shaped sharpeners in one is a plus, if you ever imagine you’ll use all three. The long-point sharpener makes a pretty long point. The capacity of the cuttings box is pretty ample. On the flip side, the sharpening action feels more like a scrape than a shave, and it tends to gnaw on the pencil a little bit. It’s not the worst sharpener ever, but unless you actually need to sharpen both jumbo and regular pencils, and can’t decide if you prefer long or standard points, you can find much more wood-friendly sharpeners out there for your $3.50.

One thought on “Sharpener Review: the Ooly Mighty Sharpener

  1. Geometric soup May 16, 2019 / 8:50 am

    Your seemed to do a better job than mine! I got it because all 3 sharpeners are what I tend to use a fair bit but … it hacks my pencils. Great idea terrible execution for me.
    It just mutilates the pencils when I sharpen them and it seems to be the actual process of sharpening that it struggles with…
    I still think it’s cute though


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