There ain’t no party like a pencil party cause a pencil party don’t stop

I picked up some more future review material. Hope you don’t mind if I give you a little preview of what’s coming down the pipe.

The Chung Hwa 6151 and the Deli S905 are Chinese pencils made for domestic (to them) consumption. I reviewed the Chung Hwa 101 2B a while back and it left a positive impact on me, so I thought I’d give its more prolific stablemate (the 6151) a try. I have yet to review or even try any Deli products (except for their hand-crank sharpener, which I haven’t reviewed, but may do a write-up on since it’s great and I use it on the daily) but they are all over AliExpress and have a ton of different product lines. My impression is that they are popular in China, so I thought I’d better see what that’s all about.

The Shahsons Picasso Executive is from Pakistan, which I’m pretty stoked about. That’s probably the most exotic pencil I’ve got my hands on so far (hopefully I will be able to scrounge some up from even more unlikely regions of the world). And then there is one of the most un-exotic, un-remote, un-fascinating pencils available: the Office Depot Wood Pencil. I think I just bought it because I want to have all of my bases covered, from high-end to low-end, and from exotic to mundane. It makes me feel like I’m being objective in my reviews, ya’know?

There’s some other stuff that I’ve picked up, too — sharpeners, erasers, etc. So I’ve got lots of material on hand to share with you, dear reader, and more is in the mail. Who knows when, or if, I will ever get to it all…but don’t worry. I’ve definitely got some pencil nerd reading material on the way.

One thought on “There ain’t no party like a pencil party cause a pencil party don’t stop

  1. Matt May 5, 2019 / 10:10 am

    Looking forward to your review of the Shahsons 😉


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