Post-May Day thrift store haul

Happy late May Day, comrades. I hope you’re recovering well from a successful day of instigating glorious proletarian revolution. Anyway, today I popped in to that bastion of the working class, Goodwill, and found some cool stuff during my mid-day break from bourgeois exploitation. (Just kidding. I work for the government, and I oppress the bourgeoisie on a daily basis; or at least they seem to think I do).

The Mirado Classic pencils are noteworthy because they are of mid/late-2000s vintage. Of course the Mirado Classic is still produced today, but the model pictured above was made in the USA, out of cedar. Production has since moved to Mexico, and more recently cedar was dropped in favor of a different species of wood for the Mirado Classic (or, at least, it’s no longer the only species of wood). I think it would be fun to use one of these for a throwback review, and/or do a comparison review of the circa-2019 Mirado Classic, the current Black Warrior, and the old USA Mirado pencils.

The Casemates are literally Walmart store-brand pencils, and probably didn’t cost $1.99 new, so you may be wondering why I dropped two bucks on them. The reason is that these particular pencils are made in India, and rumor has it that they’re made by Hindustan pencils (maker of the quite nice Nataraj Bold and others). Fellow bloggers at Lead Fast, Comfortable Shoes Studio, Pencil Revolution and The Weekly Pencil have all speculated on the Nataraj connection, and made favorable remarks about these Casemate pencils. I believe that I have also heard, but not verified, that Casemate pencils are either no longer a thing, or are no longer manufactured in India. I know retailers tend to dump unsold, phased-out merchandise at Goodwill as “salvage”. So, these may be somewhat of a sleeper and a special find (and there are more packs there, that I may go back and buy if they turn out to be good!)

The baseball glove has nothing to do with this blog. Well, I guess maybe playing baseball is an “analog sport” compared to playing video games (or watching a video of someone else playing video games). But I thought it was a nice find! I don’t know anything about it, other than it fits me and feels nicer than the glove I’ve been playing with since high school and never really liked anyway. I can’t wait to get out in the yard and throw the ball around with the kiddos. In about a month, the Alaska Baseball League will start up, and maybe I’ll take some pencils and a scorecard out to the ballpark.

With Fraternal Greetings, the Polar Pencil Pusher.

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